2023 Parttimeaudiophile: Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard Turntable Review

"The sheer tonality of the Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard is what finally convinced me of its true worth. With the Koetsu and the ZYX Ultimate, this turntable is ideal for audiophiles who are always waiting to hear something that sounds utterly real, something that makes you jump up in your seat, something that makes you want to hear again just to make sure it was THAT real." - Marc Phillips, Parttimeaudiophile


2022 Golden Ear: Pear Audio Blue Odar Turntable with Cornet 3 Tonearm

"If you want to play records, this is the way to go in my view. (If you are totally focused on correct pitch, you could look for a used Nakamichi disc-centering turntable; otherwise, this is the one.) All the Pear Audio designs of Peter Mezek aim at the same goals of silence, solidity, absence of micro-speed variations, and absence of grit, grain, and resonance effects. In short, they are designed to reproduce what is actually on the record—and, of course, there are some definite things on it. One of the less expensive Pear Blue setups will likely get you close to the ultimate that the Odar/Cornet 3 combination represents. But if you want to go for the best, here it is. Typical analog playback reviews are usually “yes and then again no.” This one is all “yes.” The Blue Odar is different and better at a price that is lower than other super-tables." - Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound

2022 Golden Ear: Pear Audio Blue Odar Turntable with Cornet 3 Tonearm - The Absolute Sound

Pear Blue Audio Odar Turntable and Cornet 3 12" Tonearm - The Absolute Sound (Full review)


David Williamson: Positive Feedback - Little John/Cornet 1, Issue 97: https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/pear-audio-blue-little-john-cornet-1-turntable/


David Robinson: Positive Feedback - Impressions: The Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas turntable/Cornet 2, Issue 96:



Jeff Dorgay, Editor Tone Audio

“I reserve the small handful of Publishers Choice Awards for the components that are my absolute favorites of the year, and the Kid Howard (turntable) is not only on my list for the year, but it’s also on my favorite tables of all time list.”



Art Dudley, Stereophile

“Striking is a fitting description of the player’s powers of scale: The Kid Howard and Cornet 2 created a soundfield that was engagingly, involvingly big. And the parts of that soundfield that weren’t music were impressively “black”: lots of big, black nothingness surrounding very colorful music. Very, as in very. ”


T.H.E SHOW Newport, 2015; Editor-In-Chief David Robinson, Positive Feedback Online

Editor-In-Chief David Robinson, Positive Feedback Online

Awards his prestigious Audio Oasis Award to GamuT & Pear Audio Blue for our room at THE SHOW, Newport Beach, 2015. His comments on the room is not on-line yet, as soon as they are will post a link


T.H.E SHOW Newport, 2015: Show reports

Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound

“GamuT’s WormHole Signature bi-wire speaker cables, interconnects, and new power cord helped the system in GamuT’s room with the gorgeous GamuT RS3 stand-mounted speakers (North American premiere), D3i Dual-Mono preamplifier, D200i Dual-Mono power amplifier, and Pear Audio Blue’s analog front-end sound naturally detailed with beautiful timbre and outstanding clarity, focus, and dynamics. Indeed, it sounded so impressive that Chad Kassem used it to introduce his new Analogue Productions’ Roger Waters LP reissue of Amused to Death at THE Show to great acclaim.”


Herb Reichert, Stereophile

“I have heard this handsome, but unusual, design twice and enjoyed its relaxed musicality each time. John Larsen played Rickie Lee Jones’ “Chuck E’s in Love,” which I have experienced a zillion times in virtually every system on earth—and still I discovered a bunch of never-heard-before tricks and turns. The sound was clean and tight but also enjoyably relaxed and colorful. Bravo Mr. Larsen!

Every time I listen to a system with a Pear Audio Blue turntable, designed & built by Tom Fletcher. Like today’s modestly-priced Robin Hood ($2995 with Pear Audio tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge), the ease, detail and forward momentum remind me of the wisdom of this approach.”


Sasha Matson, Stereophile

“A very well assembled system utilizing pieces from three brands that really caught my ears and eyes. At the top of the stream, for LP from Pear Audio Blue, was their Kid Thomas turntable ($9995 with tonearm and power supply)…

Further downstream was a GamuT Di-150 Limited Edition amplifier ($11,900), which was making its world premiere. And the music goes round and round and came out of a Larsen 8 speaker ($6995/pair). I’m afraid I don’t have notes on whatever else was in the system, as I was so enthralled with the sound”


Steve Lefkowicz, Positive Feedback Online

“The middle range Larsen 6 ($3800), with the Pear Audio Blue Robin Hood table and a Pear Audio Blue integrated amp. Thoroughly engaging sound, and more musical and natural in its presentation than many of the more traditionally placed speakers.”


Stereophile class-A rating

Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas Turntable & Cornet 2 tonearm are both Awarded Class A rating in Stereophile’s Recommended Components 2015, in their separate categories. The Kid Thomas is the lowest priced turntable with a Class A rating.

Pear Audio Blue – Reference Phono Stage Positive Feedback Online Review by Larry Cox

“The Pear Audio Blue Reference preamplifier delivered the musicality, meaning and a wonderfully transcendent experience of a wordless journey. Where my mind wanders because of the emotions the music conveys”


Stereophile Recomended Components, April 2015

Both the Kid Thomas AND the Cornet 2 was awarded Class A rating. And the Kid Thomas is the most affordable turntable within an  Class A rating in 2015.

"The Pear Audio Analogue Kid Thomas turntable and Cornet 2 tonearm produced a rich, expansive midrange and a smooth, neutral tonal Balance. The phrase Rich and Creamy came to mind."

"that midrange was something special, with black backgrounds and tape -like musical flow and drive."

Michael Fremer - Stereophile, January 2015


Hifi stars 32-2016 & Image hifi 5-2016

Lite Magazine: Robin Hood Review

Test: Image Hifi 04-2015



C.E.S 2014







The Show 2014





RMAF 2014: More From Mr. Reichert

Room 522: I met the amiable Slovenian turntable distributor/guru, Peter Mezek of Pear Audio Analogue. He showed me the full rage of beautiful Pear Audio turntables inspired by the innovations of the late Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Audio. The system consisted of Pear's top of the line "Kid Thomas" table ($9995) feeding a Croft preamp ($5995) into a Pear Audio stereo amp ($9995), which drove the Speaker Lab ESP Contra Bass speakers ($24,995/pair)

Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/rmaf-more-mr-reichert#OdkpkhY8V406FQPc.99