Pear Audio Odar Slider Turntable

Turntables with pedigree.


Every detail, right down to special bearing oil, developed exclusively far Pear Audio Analogue, demonstrates that we examine every detail and leave nothing to chance.

“The sound is what REG regards as ideal— very silent in background with unconstrained perceived dynamics, very solid, detailed but without any hint of exaggeration by resonances.—and superbly musical in the best sense. A turntable at the outer limits of the possible, without a stratospheric price.” 

   Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound :: ODAR

Hi end Turntables by PearAudio


The perfect marriage of materials results in astonishing realism, tonal quality and balance with realistic and deep 3D soundstage. You’ll be able to hear an astonishing near-live performance of your favorite musicians.

A trully passionate commitment


At Pear Audio Blue we have a passionate commitment to hand-build fine instruments for the playback of recorded music. We’re not interested in the quick and easy answer, but believe objects of real worth take time to create.

Pear Audio Odar Turntable


Tom Fletcher and Peter Mezek often listened to New Orleans jazz together so each turntable is named after famous New Orleans jazz musicians. Each model is built upon the same design principles and all offer high performance sound, quality build and value way beyond their price.

Pear Audio Cornet: Groundbreaking tone-arm design


Cornet 1 and Cornet 2 tone-arms, designed by Tom Fletcher, are the culmination of the Tom’s continuing development of the Space Arm. Read more …

Pear Audio Cornet tonearm - groumdbreaking design

Worldwide Reviews


We are excited to present to you some of the most highly regarded product reviews we have received.



Parttimeaudiophile: Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard Turntable review

January, 2023 - Read Full Article

"The sheer tonality of the Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard is what finally convinced me of its true worth. With the Koetsu and the ZYX Ultimate, this turntable is ideal for audiophiles who are always waiting to hear something that sounds utterly real, something that makes you jump up in your seat, something that makes you want to hear again just to make sure it was THAT real. (Marc Phillips, Parttimeaudiophile)

2022 Golden Ear: Pear Audio Blue Odar Turntable with Cornet 3 Tonearm

August, 2022 -  Article 1, Article 2

If you want to play records, this is the way to go in my view. (If you are totally focused on correct pitch, you could look for a used Nakamichi disc-centering turntable; otherwise, this is the one.) All the Pear Audio designs of Peter Mezek aim at the same goals of silence, solidity, absence of micro-speed variations, and absence of grit, grain, and resonance effects. (Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound)

Positive Feedback - Pear Audio Blue Little John/Cornet 1 Turntable

June, 2018 - Read Full Article

All kidding aside, the impact of the Pear Audio Blue Little John/Cornet 1 turntable/tonearm on my day-to-day life has been transformative. It has transformed how I listen to music. It has transformed how I share music with others.  It has transformed how I purchase music and what I plan to purchase component-wise. And now, let's replace the word "transformed" with "improved". (David Williamson)