POSITIVE FEEDBACK: Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas Turntable/Cornet 2 Tonearm System

By David W. Robinson | Positive Feedback – Original Article

TONE AUDIO: The Pear Audio Kid Howard Turntable

Jeff Dorgay | Tone Audio – Original Article

I reserve the small handful of Publishers Choice Awards for the components that are my absolute favorites of the year, and the Kid Howard (turntable) is not only on my list for the year, but it’s also on my favorite tables of all time list. The KH is outstanding in all three categories. Time worn musical favorites reveal fine inner detail that I’d never expect a table at this price to expose. The sound field rendered is big, big, big; extending well beyond the speaker boundaries, all the way out to the side walls in the room.

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND: Cables, Power Products, Accessories, and Music

Jim Hannon | The Absolute Sound – Original Article

GamuT’s WormHole Signature bi-wire speaker cables, interconnects, and new power cord helped the system in GamuT’s room with the gorgeous GamuT RS3 stand-mounted speakers (North American premiere), D3i Dual-Mono preamplifier, D200i Dual-Mono power amplifier, and Pear Audio Blue’s analog front-end sound naturally detailed with beautiful timbre and outstanding clarity, focus, and dynamics. Indeed, it sounded so impressive that Chad Kassem used it to introduce his new Analogue Productions’ Roger Waters LP reissue of Amused to Death at THE Show to great acclaim.

STEREOPHILE: Sasha Matson’s Day 3 at The Show Newport 2015

Sasha Matson | Stereophile – Original Article

A very well assembled system utilizing pieces from three brands that really caught my ears and eyes. At the top of the stream, for LP from Pear Audio Blue, was their Kid Thomas turntable ($9995 with tonearm and power supply)… Further downstream was a GamuT Di-150 Limited Edition amplifier ($11,900), which was making its world premiere. And the music goes round and round and came out of a Larsen 8 speaker ($6995/pair). I’m afraid I don’t have notes on whatever else was in the system, as I was so enthralled with the sound.

STEREOPHILE: Herb Reichert’s Day Two at The Show Newport 2015

Herb Reichert | Stereophile – Original Article

I have heard this handsome, but unusual, design twice and enjoyed its relaxed musicality each time. John Larsen played Rickie Lee Jones’ “Chuck E’s in Love,” which I have experienced a zillion times in virtually every system on earth—and still I discovered a bunch of never-heard-before tricks and turns. The sound was clean and tight but also enjoyably relaxed and colorful. Bravo Mr. Larsen! Every time I listen to a system with a Pear Audio Blue turntable, designed & built by Tom Fletcher. Like today’s modestly-priced Robin Hood ($2995 with Pear Audio tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge), the ease, detail and forward momentum remind me of the wisdom of this approach.

STEREOPHILE: Recomended Components – Kid Thomas & Cornet 2

Michael Fremer | Stereophile

Both the Kid Thomas AND the Cornet 2 was awarded Class A rating. And the Kid Thomas is the most affordable turntable within an Class A rating in 2015. The Pear Audio Analogue Kid Thomas turntable and Cornet 2 tonearm produced a rich, expansive midrange and a smooth, neutral tonal Balance. The phrase Rich and Creamy came to mind. That midrange was something special, with black backgrounds and tape -like musical flow and drive.

STEREOPHILE: RMAF 2014 – More From Mr. Reichert

Herb Reichert | Stereophile – Original Article

Room 522: I met the amiable Slovenian turntable distributor/guru, Peter Mezek of Pear Audio Analogue. He showed me the full rage of beautiful Pear Audio turntables inspired by the innovations of the late Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Audio. The system consisted of Pear’s top of the line “Kid Thomas” table ($9995) feeding a Croft preamp ($5995) into a Pear Audio stereo amp ($9995), which drove the Speaker Lab ESP Contra Bass speakers ($24,995/pair).